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Hope , Pray and Don't worry, anxiety is useless...  St. Pio


Many Miracles happening around the world but after years of investigation and only a few recognized by the Vatican.  We picked 4 well known, visited by millions yearly that happened around last 500 years. Hope they can sheers you up whether you are catholic or not, God loves us all, God Bless !

We all have emotion with different mental status. As Believer or Not, or from any religion, your Faith is the key to keep our mind balanced, cold, clam, relax and peace.  We just share what we have known and practices from Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Catholic Religion as an options for your reference. Ultimately, you must believe Miracle exist with Faith.  Always remember there as least two different ways we can move forward.

Should you need help, there are many around by medical doctor or charity organization offer support to your needs. Many are given free of charge and you just need to look or ask around call for help, Good Luck!

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