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If breathless...  you only have few minutes to save yourself...

Ancient China Taoyin is a kind of preserve healthy body, mentally concentrate and breathing harmonious with nature exercises over thousands of years by Chinese to achive Yin and Yang Balance. We will get sick if own body Yin and Yang is out of Balance

KungFu/Martial art mostly derive from Taoyin such as 5-animal exercises by Eastern Han Dynasty Master Hua Tuo to obtain physical health, many other styles of KungFu like 8 paragraps of Jin Tai Chi, Baguazhang, Xingyiquan,... different exercises to keep body fit or Yin and Yang Balamce as first objective and latest use it as self defence to fight the attacker

There are many Kungfu teaching videos on youtube you may go for anyone who interest you. We ONLY show the easier to learn and sinpliest to do exercise that suitable for most of the young and old. Is  also proven efffectively in building up immune system and keep us healthy. The PingShuaQong is a method by Taiwan Meimen Master Lee FengSan shifu innovated from the orignal Master Dhama south Indian (He taught KungFu to the Shaolin monks). Lee shifu generously share his PingShuai  Qi Qong to the world since 2003 after the world was invaded by SARS.
Do not underestimate the power behind simple style KungFu.  Although we recommend a few here, you do not need to know all. Just pick up one style that you love it like daily meal and have the habit to practices it constantly.  It works and you will see the result over time.

Great theory always simple

PingShuai exercise


5-animal exercises 
8-paragraph of Jin/Silk
What is Tai Chi
Tai Chi simplified 24 routine
Wu Dang Tai Chi 13 Styles
Tai Chi Chuan -- Chinese Martial Arts
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